Vintage porn lesbian in “Mark Of Zara”

Name: Mark Of Zara

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 71 min

Director: Patty Rhodes

Year: 1991

Actress: Jeanna Fine,Zara White,Angela Summers,K.C. Williams,Brigitte Aime

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Actors: Tom Byron,Randy West,Marc Wallace,Tony Montana,Sikki Nixx


Vintage porn lesbian in “Girls Who Love Girls 2”

Name: Girls Who Love Girls 2

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 56 min


Year: 1988


Actress: Keisha,Taija Rae,Kristara Barrington,Sharon Mitchell,Stacey Donovan,Candie Evens,Krista Lane,Danielle,Jessica Wylde,Elle Rio,Tiffany Storm,Brittany Stryker,Aurora Lee,Tess Ferre,Leslie Winston,Paula Meadows,Paula Harlow,Brezzy Lane

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Vintage porn lesbian in “Heist”

Name: Heist

Director: Toni English

Year: 1995

Language: English

Duration: 77 min

Country: United States

Actors: Tony Tedeschi,Vince Vouyer,Bobby Vitale

Actress: Crystal Breeze,Jill Kelly,Julia Ann,Ariel Daye

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It’s about burglars and prostitutes and brothels and thieves. And one bombshell. It’s about Julia Ann, in her final adult role, as an outlaw performing one last heist with one last gang. If it can only go well, she can retire. But this is the business of adult, and things only go well under the covers. Toni English presents the swan song of a blond superstar, Julia Ann, with beautiful Ariel Daye, Jill Kelly, Missy and gorgeous Crystal Breeze as her supporting cast.


Vintage porn lesbian in “Chain Letter”

Name: Chain Letter

Duration: 55 min

Year: 1978

Country: United States

Director: Bud Long

Language: English

Actress: Mimi Morgan,Desiree West,Connie Peters,Eileen Wells,Kitty Shane,Crystal Dawn,Jane Lindsay,Marlene Munroe,Audrey Lang

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Actors: Blair Harris,Jesse Adams,Michael Morrison,Ken Scudder,Jonathan Younger,Heinz Russo,Jim Brown,Jessie Chandler


Claudia Mehringer ass – “The Party”

Name: The Party

Country: France

Language: French

Duration: 141 min

Director: Patrick Aubin

Year: 1979

Actors: Richard Lemieuvre,Guy Royer,Jacques Gatteau,Jean-Louis Vattier,Edwig Failliel

Actress: Cathy Stewart,Diane Dubois,Claudia Mehringer

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A disorderly couple organizes a "sexy party" and waits for its guests. There come an innocent and lovely girl. The couple takes a perverse pleasure in abusing her and then locked her in a trunk from which she can follow the course of the evening. The "celebration" begins. One of the participants discovered the presence of the girl. To the astonishment of all, she admits having taken taste to the show and asks for the "celebration" to continue, with her..