Victoria Paris in Classic black and white porn

Victoria Paris in Classic black and white porn

Name: Sex Toy


Year: 1990

Country: United States

Language: English

Duration: 137 min

Actors: Jon Dough,Ray Victory,Eric Price,Cal Jammer,Micky Ray

Actress: Victoria Paris,Tami Monroe,Cheri Taylor

Categories: Classic black and white porn, Victoria Paris, 1990, United States, English, Victoria Paris, Tami Monroe, Cheri Taylor, Jon Dough, Ray Victory, Eric Price, Cal Jammer, Micky Ray, Facial, Interracial, Lesbian, Black

Victoria Paris in Classic black and white porn

The story of a sexy lady Tami Monroe, toying around both women and men in ways which will make you want to have her as your own personal toy as well.She’s the kind of toy every boy wants, and apparently a lot of women desire.Wind her up, and unwind.


Classic black and white porn : “Night Moves”

Name: Night Moves

Language: English

Director: Domingo Lobo

Year: 1983

Country: United States

Duration: 75 min

Categories: Classic black and white porn, 1983, United States, English, Domingo Lobo, Shanna McCullough, Lili Marlene, Robin Everett, Cindy Carver, Lonnie Emerson, Carrie Bergman, Courtney, Mike Horner, Billy Dee, Joe Elliot, William Lowen, J.D. Blackthorne, Interracial, Lesbian, Black

Actors: Mike Horner,Billy Dee,Joe Elliot,William Lowen,J.D. Blackthorne

Actress: Shanna McCullough,Lili Marlene,Robin Everett,Cindy Carver,Lonnie Emerson,Carrie Bergman,Courtney


Classic black and white porn – “Black Girl White Guy”

Name: Black Girl White Guy

Year: 1984

Duration: 78 min

Director: David Christopher

Language: English

Country: United States

Categories: Classic black and white porn, 1984, United States, English, David Christopher, Sharon Kane, Tasha Voux, Satin Summer, Sarah Bernard, Scarlet Scarleau, Joey Silvera, George Payne, David Christopher, Alan Adrian, Dick Howard, Scott St. James, Facial, Interracial, Black

Actors: Joey Silvera,George Payne,David Christopher,Alan Adrian,Dick Howard,Scott St. James

Actress: Sharon Kane,Tasha Voux,Satin Summer,Sarah Bernard,Scarlet Scarleau

An early film from director David Christopher — who later went on to fame as the ‘Pussyman’ — this one delves into the sensual shenanigans of a group of gal pals whose college days were filled with nothing but lust. One of the gals was Satin Summers, a sleek black beauty whose white step-guy used to walk in on her at the worst times — like when she was enjoying a lesbian liaiguy in the shower with her leggy brunette girlfriend. The guy ends up joining the two of them for some in-cestuous threeway fun. One of the gals has gone on to become a porn star, taking on three guys at once for the sheer thrill of it. Another is Tasha Voux, a busty babe who has gotten married and settled down. Now it seems that their teacher (Sharon Kane) is organizing a reunion back in San Francisco, and they’re all invited to come relive their sexy salad days. What Sharon doesn’t tell the gals is that now she’s running a male strip joint — and enjoying some fiery fringe benefits from her well-built employees! You can bet that once these tasty tarts get back together, there will be plenty of pulse-pounding passion in store. Filled with steamy action and stunning women, this is one ribald reunion you won’t want to miss.


Classic black and white porn : “Hot Pink and Chocolate Brown”

Name: Hot Pink and Chocolate Brown

Language: English

Country: United States

Director: Jerome Bronson

Year: 1988

Duration: 77 min

Categories: Classic black and white porn, 1988, United States, English, Jerome Bronson, Nina Hartley, Nina DePonca, Tiffany Storm, Barbie Doll, Peter North, Ray Victory, Frank James, Interracial, Black, Latin

Actress: Nina Hartley,Nina DePonca,Tiffany Storm,Barbie Doll

Actors: Peter North,Ray Victory,Frank James

Hot Pink & Chocolate Brown is an amazing interracial classic with Nina Hartley. When a top Hollywood modeling agency executive is disappeared in his home, Detectives Hot Pink and Chocolate Brown are on the case. These two know the best way to work undercover, is by getting under the covers!


Classic black and white porn – “Flasher”

Name: Flasher

Country: United States

Year: 1986

Duration: 141 min

Director: Lasse Braun

Language: English

Actors: Billy Dee,Harry Reems,Michael Gaunt,Rod Retta,John Davenport,Davenport

Actress: Sharon Kane,Danielle,Brittany Stryker,Carol Cross,Paula Meadows,Victoria Stanton

Categories: Classic black and white porn, 1986, United States, English, Lasse Braun, Sharon Kane, Danielle, Brittany Stryker, Carol Cross, Paula Meadows, Victoria Stanton, Billy Dee, Harry Reems, Michael Gaunt, Rod Retta, John Davenport, Davenport, Facial, Interracial, Anal, Black

A beautiful runaway, shacking up with a lesbian supermodel in glittering Manhattan, is first seen in a fashion photo session in Central Park. Strolling away from the group of models and photographers she is confronted by a handsome man who exposes his naked groin. This act sets off a series of sexual situations that daringly reveal the perversities, phobias and hidden desires of this girl, her lesbian lover, and other girls who become the flasher’s victims.


Porsche Lynn : Classic black and white porn

Porsche Lynn : Classic black and white porn

Name: The Return Of Indiana Joan

Duration: 90 min

Director: Vince Benedetti

Country: United States

Year: 1989

Language: Russian

Categories: Classic black and white porn, Porsche Lynn, 1989, United States, Russian, Vince Benedetti, Porsche Lynn, Renee Morgan, Stormi, Melissa Murray, Kim Dillan, Rick Savage, David Morris, Damien Cashmere, Randy Paul, Peter Lawrence, Martin Taylor, Black

Actors: Rick Savage,David Morris,Damien Cashmere,Randy Paul,Peter Lawrence,Martin Taylor

Actress: Porsche Lynn,Renee Morgan,Stormi,Melissa Murray,Kim Dillan

Porsche Lynn : Classic black and white porn

Indiana Joan (Porsche Lynn), back for another adventure, is in the middle of getting desk-banged by Rick Savage when she’s beamed up by a passing space ship (huh?) — for more sex. Then David Morris tells Melissa Murray, that Indiana needs him to go on a treasure hunt whereupon he starts groping for Murray’s lost grail. So far, the sex scenes are coming as frequent and non-stop as UHF-TV movie commercials. Then, bingo, Morris and Lynn are in Egypt (presumably), and drop into a temple — literally — where everyone dresses like Phyllis Diller. Captured, Lynn sucks her way to escape through a bunch of Eddie Murphy-clone temple guards. Lynn evidently needed the money to do this one; make it Joan’s last crusade. Nice packaging.


Germany classic porn : “Pink Dreams”

Name: Pink Dreams

Year: 1991

Country: Germany

Duration: 83 min

Language: German

Director: John Francis

Actors: Rocco Siffredi,Mike Horner,Jerry Butler,Ray Victory,John Dough

Actress: Debi Diamond,Lara Sanchez,Rita Olivski,Marine Cartier,Cynthia Larkin,Annie Barklay

Categories: Germany classic porn, 1991, Germany, German, John Francis, Debi Diamond, Lara Sanchez, Rita Olivski, Marine Cartier, Cynthia Larkin, Annie Barklay, Rocco Siffredi, Mike Horner, Jerry Butler, Ray Victory, John Dough

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